NCF Raises Funds for 2022 Flood Relief

Historic, record breaking flooding in June 2022 impacted Montana, leaving behind horrific damage and devastation. In the Nye area, the raging Stillwater River quickly washed away 7 homes, and 3 bridges.  In addition, crops, fences, irrigation resources, vehicles, and a few animals were lost. Quickly eroding streambanks caused the loss of roadways and continues to disrupt travel to Sibanye Stillwater Mine. Nearly a year later,  at the junction of Nye Road and Stillwater River Road, Nye Road is still closed to public access.

In July 2022, the Nye Community Foundation established a Flood Disaster Fund for the Nye area with our total proceeds from Nye Goes Nuts. Extraordinary financial support for recovery efforts from outside the area and the area came pouring in as the cries for help spread. As the waters receded, Nye Community Foundation helped the community recover in the aftermath of the disaster. We were able to assist members of the Nye community financially with replacing flooded and ruined appliances, with repairing access roads to three subdivisions which impacted 70+ residents, bridge repairs, replaced a resident’s well, assisted local businesses dependent on tourist revenue, and helped fund cleanup and repairs to flooded homes. To date, this totals $52,316.00.  As river corridor cleanup slowly progresses, assistance for bridge replacement costs, streambank stabilization costs, and trash clean-up still exist as we adjust to the new normal. Please contact the Nye Community Foundation for an application for assistance. PO Box 528 Nye, MT 59061.